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Good Morning America

September 16, 2008 See Brad Rosenstein and Master Chef Luc on television with Hillary Clinton and WTEN's Latricia Thomas! Jack's Oyster House catered "Good Morning America"'s Whistle Tour stop in Albany! Click here to see what you missed!

Times Union

September 4, 2008 Thanks to and Brightcove Internet TV, we have the story AND a video of Master Chef Luc Pasquier and Steve Barnes of the Times Union giving a tutorial on clams, lobsters, and oysters. Check out the video and the story!

September 3, 2008 "A crew from ABC News’ 'Good Morning America' will be at Jack’s Oyster House next week to tape material for a segment set to air on the show on Tuesday, Sept. 16, according to Jack’s owner Brad Rosenstein. read more...

April 6, 2008 Times Union gave us 3 out of 4 stars! Click here to read their review and others' reviews or write your own!

January 10, 2008 "[Master Chef Luc Pasquier] was recommended to [Brad] Rosenstein by famed New York chef-restaurateur Daniel Boulud." read more...


August 27, 2008 "Jack's is a pretty swell place. Old booths, wooden walls, mirrored back wall, checked floor, bentwood chairs, chandeliers. Albany lawmakers deserve a place like this to scheme and unwind." read more...

Nation's Restaurant News

August 18, 2008 "Brad Rosenstein also presides over one of the more enduring success stories in the restaurant business, Jack's Oyster House" read more...

May 23, 2005 "Few restaurants in America can lay claim to anything approaching Jack's long, unbroken heritage, and fewer still can say they have been under the ownership of a single family for that span of time." read more...

The Daily Gazette

January 12, 2008 "'Jack’s Oyster House is not a restaurant, it’s an institution. Albany is not just a city but the capital'" read more...

The Business Review

January 11, 2008 "[Master Chef Luc] Pasquier comes to the restaurant with a 20-year resume that includes winning Europe's biggest culinary prizes, owning a hotel/restaurant in Chalon, France, and, most recently, serving as the executive chef of the French consulate in New York City." read more...

Restaurant & Institutions

May 1, 2007 "Perhaps the greatest irony behind the near century-long success of Jack’s Oyster House is that founder Jack Rosenstein never cared to eat the briny bivalves." read more...


June 1985 Read of Jack Rosenstein, founder of Jack's Oyster House. This article is not posted at, but feel free to read this amazing story and see a picture of Jack Rosenstein by Clicking Here.

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